Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bundelkhand - Failure of public services

Three days spent visiting villages in Bundelkhand and interacting with the aam admi is enough to convince one that the plethora of government social security schemes - the NREGA, the PDS, mid meals for children, old age pension, special schemes for tribals, etc - are a complete failure and do not reach most of the intended beneficiaries, at least in this region.

In the Raikwar basti of village Adiyara, District Chhatarpur, MP. Job cards but no jobs.

The view of 'grassroots democracy', the panchayati raj, that emerges from conversations with villagers is also an eyeopener. This visit is reported here


aminura ytrobarkahc said...

Dear mr kannan,
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Sanjay Kareer said...

In the Raikwar basti of village Adiyara, District Chhatispur, MP.

... In my knowledge there is no Chhatispur district in MP Mr Kannan. Well...

Kannan said...

Thanks Mr Sanjay Kareer for pointing this out. It was meant to be Chattarpur district.